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Company Profile

We are at Think Fashion Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer and Exporter of Leather Garments, Bags, Wallets, Belts etc. for our valuable customers since 2007. These include Leather Jackets, Overcoats, Pants and Skirts, Leather Bags, Embroidered Bags, Fashion Bags, Hand Bags, Beaded Purses, and Leather Wallets etc. There has been an effort in our designs and creations to strike an elusive balance between harmony and simplicity. Our designs have this strong influence from traditional Indian designs from different regions which have been given a contemporary twist to suit today's requirements and styles. Our skilled and experienced craftsmen are quite capable of meeting your need for customized products with a detail oriented approach, along with the finished goods displayed on our site, at the most competitive prices. Infrastructure We have an infrastructure facility that can well meet our requirements for huge quantities that we to turn out for export and domestic purposes. Our factory has separate facilities for processing clothes (dying, shrinking, etc.), embroidery, stitching and other related works. There has been a constant investment on the up gradation and maintenance of facilities so that the work does not gets hampered and affected by the lack of proper environment. Manpower There is an equal number of manpower to support these facilities. Our talented team of designers is always working to come with unique contemporary products. We have trained people looking after different specialized functions and taking care of machinery. There are skilled artists as well who look after detailed work on bags, belts, slippers, etc. Plus, there is a force of expert quality check control officers who administer work and quality of products at every step. Our Processing We pay attention to each step of process for every product so that the end product is nothing but the best. There is a proper dyeing and shrinking of clothes before they are worked upon for making scarves, fabric bags etc. They are also checked for colour fastness. Similarly, other products are also given proper treatment before they could be worked upon. We do not compromise on any step for the sake of our prestige and quality promise to end consumer. Our Quality Having our own in-house production facilities and finishing processes has helped us keep a stern eye over adherence to high quality of accessories like bags, purses, belts, Wallets and Garments with a professional approach and also ensure timely delivery of products to our clients. Attention is paid from the time raw material is procured for any product. Quality check is done for all products like clothes, leather, beads, other accessories required for production. Procedural stepwise quality control takes care of any possible irregularities that may come up during the manufacturing process. Innovation at Work We understand the importance of innovative products in today's fast changing world. People like to have things that are latest with the ongoing trend. And fashion and trends are known for their short life.We not only try to keep up with the latest but also set new trends with our range of innovative products. Our talented team of designers is always on work to meet expectations of our customers. Technical Up Gradation We have a regular technical up gradation program going on at our unit. We invite experts to advise the latest in the industry in terms of technical advancements. We not only implement their suggestions by getting the new machinery but also employ people with relevant expertise to work with us. Tannery Tie Ups We work with LWG Compliant tanneries with latest machinery and technology in India and abroad if required, they produces finished leather namely as per our requirement for our customers. It includes Goat, sheep, lamb, cow, buff etc. Our tanneries use Chemicals which are REACH compliant and follow Strict Health and Safety Norms. We pledge our commitment to produce good leather garments with finest leathers possible while we work to ensure a healthy future.